I had ramen with my favourite people today. They’re not in the picture because I took this while we were leaving, but it’s always nice to meet them up. The same few kids who entered the world of design with me, and all sharing the same dreams. I feel inspired tonight. Deep conversations always keep me mentally invigorated after. I missed this feeling. I guess we’ve just been so busy and we always rarely meet up, but the best kind of friendship is the kind you can walk away from and return to making time for a meetup every once in a while and connect just as nicely, right?

Can’t wait for our next meetup.

That being said, the ramen was pretty decent - and take that from someone who has very high standards for good ramen. I’m always on the hunt for good Japanese cuisine, regardless of where it is. Ambience and concept of the shop is awesome too. Free hard-boiled eggs and beansprouts for all, lively, and the interior really takes me back to the ramen shops in Japan. I love the touch of the Sakura flowers and the wall mural a lot, as well as the layout of the shop itself.

I’ll be visiting there again for sure.

I doodled on my concrete in the middle of the night.
Hana, sora, umi - Flowers, sky, sea.

Although I think I was a bit trippy because of the lack of sleep and my marker went cray cray on me.. lol yeah okay. Enjoy. Enjoy the song as well. Watch that shit in HD on Youtube if you want to. Details will probably look clearer there.

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KING OF THE DAY.. kind of.

I went out with Sylvia after work earlier on. Well, sort of ~made her go out with me cuz she’s flying back to London this weekend so I asked her out the night before my birthday D: Went to Ootoya because I felt like having Jap food. (yes, it’s my birthday now)

My usual soy milk with brown sugar :D

Ootoya Set.

Sylvia’s.. Tsukune with egg (that’s the liquidy egg in the little bowl). IT WAS FUCKING GOOD. I am so going to order that the next time I visit Ootoya.

Went to Dhoby Ghaut and hit Jubeat after that. Was loads of fun. :)

Okay bye. LOL