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The dark shadows that reside in my head are nothing but fragments of painful memories sent to be buried away in the cemetery far in the furthest corners along with the corpses of my old selves. Occasionally I see them haunting my dreams with always the same few faces. No matter how much you let go and are already done with it, heavy emotional damage will find its way to follow you around, leaving you out of breath and tired as you wake up with the worst migraines. Your skin will feel like it’s tearing off, leaving your bare bones to vultures and your bare soul to the world. I lay awake and asleep, mindfucked by oblivion itself. My teeth trembling, and my body limp from exhaustion. I have heard my screams in my head. I have heard myself attempting to communicate with these mental projections, but I was always unable to make a sound. Mouthing the words I have always needed to say, my voiceless words just snapped back at me. The amount of tension can get unbearable.

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